Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Deal of the Year

Awhile ago, I added Anthropologie's Banded Lace skirt to my wishlist.  I thought it was pretty, elegant, and neutral enough to wear frequently.  As it is a pencil skirt (not a good match for my body) I wasn't sure of the fit.  The skirt is sold online only, so I didn't have the option to head over to Anthro to try it on.  Also, the price tag was a little steep- $148 for a skirt is a bit over my budget. 

I waited for sale though, and it happened to go on sale during the simultaneous 50% off sale.  I scored this guy for a mere $39 dollars.  Yes, you read that correctly. I save $109 dollars on this skirt.  That is an amazing deal no matter how you slice it.  When it arrived, it fit well.  It is probably a LITTLE too tight in the thigh, but you can't tell by looking at it. While 2011 is long gone, I am fairly certain this is the best deal I received on any article of clothing all year.  This confirms my fashion belief that good things come to those who wait.

Shirt: Banana Republic circa 2007
Skirt: Banded Lace, Anthropologie 2011
Stockings: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes:  Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace: Express

What's the best deal you've every come across?

1 comment:

  1. I got this skirt too!

    I couldn't believe the price!

    Mine's a little snug too, but I just wore a looser cardi over it.

    I love it!