Sunday, January 29, 2012

She's So Close to Being Everything

Last Thursday, Jan. 26, I was invited to the grand opening of the Anthropologie in Old Towne, Alexandria.  I was permitted to bring a plus one, so my dear friend, Amanda, came with me.  We went to happy hour at Jackson 20 beforehand where we had some cocktails and snacks before walking the short 2 blocks to Anthro.

I had planned to take many photos to use in this blog post, but that plan was quickly thwarted.  When we first arrived (around 6:40... the event begin at 6:30) it was crowded- very difficult to walk around and most of the clothing displays were blocked by people, not allowing for a photo opp.  They were serving delicious cocktails, wine, and cute small plates (my favorite was tiny square cups of tomato soup with bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches on the rim) and shortly after arriving, I was holding dresses to try on, a cocktail, and my purse which didn't leave any free hands for camera-holding.
Anthro was serving delicious summery cocktails with cute silk flags and sprigs of rosemary as a garnish

I wore Anthro's De Chelly dress for the opening and Amanda wore the Fluttering Flora dress. 

Dress: De Chelly, Anthropologie
Shoes: Rennsselaer T-Straps
Cardigan: Jackie Cardi, J. Crew

This is the dress Amanda wore!  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of both of us

The new store is HUGE- it is two stories.  The downstairs is more narrow but deep and already has a fully-stocked sale room in the back.  As soon as you walk in the main doors, there are stairs on the right. Upstairs there is a large selection of bedding and home goods, as well as lounge wear, dressing rooms, and more clothing.
The decor of the store was very summery which went along with the summer-inspired clothes Anthro's been selling recently!  These cacti were on display on the way up the stairs

I am not much for fitting room reviews (yet I LOVE reading them and love when other bloggers have them!) because my camera is dying a slow and painful death and doesn't take the best pictures.  Too, it is hard for me to find the right angle and I become easily frustrated.  I did try on quite a few things, though and have a few pictures to share.  I spent way more than I should have, and I am debating what I should return.  Any suggestions welcome!

The first dress I tried on (and purchased) is the sweet enticement dress.  I LOVE this dress, especially because of the gorgeous lace back.  With both dresses, I wore the belle bow belt which I also adore and bought.  I think it adds a nice pop of color. This dress was the perfect length on my petite frame- it came right above the knee, which may make it a bit too short for taller gals.  Some of the reviews I read complained about the fit; I found that it fit well, although perhaps does run a bit big. This dress definitely picks up lint easily and was quickly covered in fuzzies in the short time I wore it around the fitting room.  That con aside, this dress is perfect for me.  A friend of mine is getting married in April and I am going to wear this dress to her rehearsal dinner.
The dress is black, although it is more of a lighter black- at times, it appears navy.  Since I most likely will not wear a cardigan with this (do not want to cover the back!) the lighter coloring isn't an issue for me.
Sweet Enticement Dress, $118

Belle Bow Belt, $38
The lace back!!

The next dress I tried on and purchased is the Even Flurry Dress.  I liked this dress alot.  I wasn't sure if I LOVED it until Amanda and two random shoppers in the dressing room were raving about it on me. They convinced me that I need it, and now I quite agree.  I do have pictures of it in the fitting room, with the belle bow belt seen above, however, because the top is sheer, I don't quite feel comfortable posting them.  Again, this dress was a great length on me- a bit longer than the Sweet Enticement but still hitting around the knee.  With a white cardigan, a cami underneath, and the belle bow belt, I am thinking this will be the perfect dress for Easter Sunday.  I am hopeful that it will hit sale before then; that way, I can buy it at the sale price and return this full price version.
Even Flurry Dress in navy, $168

I adore this tied-shoulder tank!  The colors are fun for spring/summer and the cut is perfect.  It has a deep square cut out of the back and the top is textured which makes it a bit unique.  This tank will be perfect with a navy skirt (which I surprisingly do NOT own).  I've also seen it featured on the ipad app with an ivory skirt which may work well, too.  This was another must have, although, I am hoping it will go on sale before it is warm enough to wear it so I can snag it at a sale price.

Tied-Shoulder Tank, $78
 My final purchase was a super cute open cardigan in a sea foam green color. I can't find it on the website to show you!  While I love it, it fit perfectly, and the color is unique, I think it may be the one thing that I return because I have so many cardigans and I am not sure I will get as much wear out of it as I will the 4 things listed above.  I will sleep on it for a few days, though, before I make a final decision.

We ended the night with a cake pop (unfortunately, they look better than they taste!) and overall had a great night. The event was very well done and everyone was polite and helpful. If you're in Old Towne, swing by the new store to check it out!


  1. I used to live in Alexandria, VA about 5 years ago...I wish Anthro was in Old Towne when I was there. At least I have another Anthro to hit up when I'm up there for a visit. Thanks for sharing about your night!

  2. I love the tie shoulder looks great on you!...can I ask what size you took in it...I'm trying to decide on what to order based on the reviews..etc. Thanks!

  3. The tie shoulder tank is an extra small. I've read some reviews that the ties can be tied tighter, though, to make for a better fit! I am small chested, so I will probably need to that when I am finally ready to wear it. :)