Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Forever You're My Favorite... Forever I'm Yours

As I mentioned, I am very far behind on posting due to a few busy weeks in a row!  This week, my plan is to catch up on posting all the outfits and events from the past week or so.

On January 20th, some friends and I met in Georgetown for happy hour, followed by shopping and then dinner at Serendipity 3.  In April, my beautiful friend Hyun June is getting married and she decided she wanted all of her bridesmaids and matron of honor to wear different dresses of the same fabric from J. Crew.  She picked a pretty deep purple color- spiced wine.  Because the J. Crew in Georgetown has a bridal department, we headed there to try on some dresses.

I wore Anthropologie's Walk With Me dress for the occasion because I thought it would be easiest for trying-on purposes.  As it is strapless, I wouldn't have to worry about bra straps showing or a dress constantly going on and off over my head.  This time I paired it with a tan colored shrug from Banana Republic's holiday collection.

Walk With Me Dress and Belt, Anthropologie 2010
Shrug, Banana Republic
Boots, Nine West
Necklace, Premier Designs

When we arrived at J. Crew, they crammed the five of us into a teeny tiny dressing room that they called the "bridal suite".  Hyun June decided she wanted us in silk chiffon, so we looked through the style book and asked to see 3 dresses we liked.  When they dresses came, they were cute and classy!  Unfortunately for me, the 3 other girls each picked one of the dresses we preferred, so there wasn't an option for me to wear (the bride didn't want any repeated dresses).  We asked to see the remaining dresses, so I could pick a dress.  None of them were ideal (1 was very matronly-looking and the other 2 seemed like something easy high schoolers would wear to a homecoming dance) so I had the girls choose the dress they liked best. 

One nice thing about ordering from J. Crew is that packages arrive right away (J. Crew ships from Virginia).  Once, I ordered something early in the morning and by the end of the day, it was already on my door step! By last Tuesday the dresses arrived.  The sales girl insisted that I order the dress 2 sizes too large, and, as predicted, the dress (which is strapless), fell to the floor when I tried it on.  Also, the cut and style were extremely unflattering on my body type.  This past weekend I returned the dress (another bonus of ordering bridesmaid dresses from J. Crew- they can be returned!) and am now weighing my options... I guess I will order the other 2 styles (in the correct size!) and see which of the two dresses will look the least atrocious on me.  Keep your fingers crossed that one will be acceptable both in size and style. While it's not my wedding and I will wear whatever dress the bride prefers, it is painful to me to spend $250 on a dress I dislike (especially when there are so many dresses I love at a lower price point). Luckily the dresses arrive quickly which gives me a little wiggle room to figure out a manageable plan. The good news is, despite how I look, the other 3 girls will for sure be gorgeous in purple, and I can always stand behind them in pictures if needed!

After dress shopping we went to Serendipity 3 for dinner.  I have never been before, and it was delicious!  The menu was huge and of course, we ordered desserts.  Below is a picture of my frozen hot chocolate which was large (it came with 3 straws!) and tasty.  I didn't eat too much of it because I was stuffed but I would definitely order it again as it was fabulous and unique.  Have you ever been?  What desserts have you tried?


  1. Ask your friend if you could hem the dress in a different length or tailor it in different shape that you would like it more? It is obvious that you are not happy about this at all. Just a thought. :)

  2. For sure not happy. Thanks for the suggestions, though!! I returned the dress already and ordered a different style, so perhaps that will work. If not, I will definitely take your advice and have it tailored into a different style. I was trying to avoid having to spend more money on a dress I will only wear once, but, if that is the solution then that's the way I'll go! :)