Friday, January 6, 2012


This year I am going to try to significantly cut back my spending.   Especially when it comes to purchasing clothing!  I have so many clothes- some that I never wear.  In fact, I have a few fall things that I purchased in August which still have the tags on them because they've never been worn.  Right when I made the choice to have willpower and limited my monthly clothing budget, Anthro (and a few other stores I love!) came out with a million new dresses I adore!  Lately, there haven't been too many things on my lust list, but this month, there are a ton!  I'm going to have to pace myself and prioritize. Here are a few things I am admiring...

I'm a sucker for a sweetheart neckline

Never bought the 2 wheeler dress from a few years ago, but think this might be a must have for spring!

So this is the back of the dress. I LOVE the lace detail!
This dress has been receiving rave reviews.  It looks comfortable and classic.
I think I could wear this guy year round

From Banana Republic... so cute for spring!
What do you love for 2012?

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