Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter has Arrived!

Finally after all of this mild weather winter is HERE!!  It's been very bitterly cold- something I hate.

Over the weekend when I was at my parents, it was 11 degrees in Pennsylvania. You read that correctly, ELEVEN.  GAH!  That is cold.  Luckily, my sister Erin let me borrow her electric blanket so I was able to sleep snuggly. Saturday night, however, there was a power surge and the whole neighborhood lost power for a few hours.  When it is 11 degrees outside and you don't have any power, your house becomes chilly awfully quickly. Thankfully the power and heat were restored in the morning.

Dress: J. Crew 2011
Belt: Anthropologie
Boots: Nine West
I realized I haven't worn this J. Crew stripey dress since the end of October.  It was definitely time to bring it out again!  This dress arrived in J. Crew last June.  I am not sure why, as it is a jersey material and appropriate for the fall/winter.  I'm also fairly certain this dress shrunk in the wash because it definitely wasn't this short the last time I wore it!  I think I can pull it off with tights, but then again, I am under 5 feet tall so it makes me wonder what taller girls are doing about this shrinking dress. (It is not a petite size).

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