Friday, January 13, 2012

When The World Ends

On Monday I stayed home from work because I was feeling under the weather.  I was bummed, because I had planned to wear Anna Sui's Map of the World skirt!  I completely forgot about this guy, and I only wore it once in October.  Luckily, after a brief snow flurry, the weather went back up to the 50s and I decided to wear the skirt toward the end of the week. 

I am still not sure that I have a top that really works with this skirt, but I am trying to pair different things with it- suggestions are welcome.  The last time I wore it (here), I paired it with the wind rippled tee in maroon.  I decided the colors in the skirt are a bit more orange than maroon, so this time I paired it with Anthro's torsade tee (2009) and a mustard cardigan.

Skirt: Anna Sui's Map of the World Skirt for Anthropologie 2011
Top: Torsade Tee, Anthropologie 2009
Cardigan: Jackie Cardi, J. Crew Outlet 2011
Stockings: J Crew fishnets, 2011
Shoes: Nine West, Spring 2011
Necklace: 1luckysoul (Etsy)

I definitely need to get more wear out of this beautiful skirt.  The major problem I have with it is that it snags so easily! Is there something you own that you wish you wore more frequently?  I feel that way about half of my wardrobe.

To bring out the blue in the skirt, I decided to wear my nautical necklace from 1luckysoul (on Etsy).  The picture is a bit blurry, but you get the idea!


  1. I absolutely love this outfit!!! The skirt is gorgeous. And, your shoes. *swoon* Love, love, love the shoes. :)

  2. Thanks, Susan! I love the shoes, too, although they aren't always the easiest to walk in!